The Power by Rhonda Byrne is such an amazing book. It reveal a lot of ways to maximize our potential as an individual who wish to have a magnificent view of extraordinary life. I borrow this book from my friend and got hook from the time I started reading its first page.

The following insights are found in the book which I think could be a great help to unleash the amazing POWER resides in our inner self.

  • We are surrounded by Love. The Law of attraction is the Law of Love. Every single minute, people have the choice whether to give love or not. The only difference between ordinary people and those who live their life to the fullest is the latter’s power to talk about what they love more than what they can’t.
  • Our feelings are the main source of our thoughts and words. What we feel in every area of our life is an exact reflection of what we’ve been giving out.
  • Everyday is an opportunity for a new life. If we want to change anything, we have to change the way we feel. If we encounter negativity we have capacity to change it by releasing the force of positive reaction.
  • People have unlimited needs and wants. If we want to get what we desire we can use the formula of Creation Process: Imagine it, Feel it and Receive it.
  • Imagine our want as the size of a dot. For the force of love— what we want is smaller than a dot.
  • To lighten up our bad feelings, imagine it as wild horse we climb on. We can choose to get off that horse as fast as we jumped on it.
  • Stay away from the things we don’t love. Instead, say YES when we see something we love.
  • We are all made of love. Life is supposed to be fun and we should fall in love with life.
  • The more we feel gratitude, the more love we give; the more love we give, the more we receive.
  • Be grateful for everything we have received in our life (past). For everything we are receiving now (present)and for what we want in our life as though we have received it (future).
  • If we experience delay in receiving what we needs its only because of the time it takes us to get the same feeling frequency as we desire.
  • Be grateful when we receive money and make ourself feel good when we pay our bills.
  • What we give is what we receive.
  • We have to be happy to receive the happy version of other people.
  • We have chance to meet some Personal Emotional Trainers that could foster us to choose love.
  • To improve our health, give love to health and be thankful for what we like about our body.
  • In case we are challenge with illness, do your best not to own it with your thoughts and words.
  • There are no accident or coincidences in life. Life is responding and communicating with us.
  • Simplify our life. We don’t need to feed our mind with many details as it will only hinder and pull us down.
  • Our love, our joy, our positivity, our excitement, our gratitude and our passion are the true and everlasting things in life. All riches in the world cannot even come close to the most priceless gift in all creation—-the LOVE inside us.

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