Thank you AC

I am not an avid fan of Air Conditioner (AC). Maybe because I’ve spent most of my life in the province where breath of fresh air is abundant. The breeze of wind from different trees are more than enough to beat the summer season and the cooling effect comes directly from our natural resources. Then a sudden move from province to city comes in unexpected reality. I was out of my comfort zone to live in one of the desert city of UAE.

With all technology and high-rise building surrounding us its undeniably obvious that everyone have a choice to find a comfortable life in Dubai. No matter how limited the trees are we still manage to live like a cactus-surviving the heat of the sun. Well, every accommodation and offices here rely on the good benefits of AC. For some, it is a weapon to beat the heat. As I mention earlier, I am not a dying hard fan of it. Yes, I seldom used it but not to the extent up to 12-24 hrs continuously like what other people did. You know I had a habit of switching it on and off after I felt some relief. They even tease me a lot in the office, ” sisirain ko daw ang AC dahil patay-buhay daw ito“. Hehe sorry guys, lamigin ako eh.

With regards to accommodation, most of the house here has built-in AC except for some area where an outdated building still practice the old style ‘new tenant must bring your own AC’.   This is the case we encounter when we transfer to our newly-found abode late last year. Since refreshing weather engulf the Middle East we don’t feel the urge to buy new AC as the climate are bearable. Even we wish to have it the whole year we can’t deny the fact that Middle East was known for having a month-long summer. Not a typical summer but extremely hottest day. As in para kang gini-grill under the sun.

As the temperature ranges between 38 – 52 deg. it is no wonder why my cousin force to buy at a much earlier month a new AC for their room. I was not move at all. I thought I can able manage it with just plain ceiling fan but it didn’t help me thoroughly. Even our fan gives a warm air that caused unexpected cough in my system. I maybe sweating during the night  then dries up eventually trigger this ‘health challenge’ to exist.  I hate cough pa naman. Hindi na talaga kaya ng Electric Fan ang bonggang init ng panahon. I have no choice but to avail a proper cooler for our room.

After a series of sacrifice with the help of our Building maintenance people a working AC is finally fixed inside our room. We’re now enjoying the coolness of AC. I think it also help me to get rid of this cough. I’m okay now. I admit I’m not a frequent AC user nor think it should be part of my basic need but my status alarmed and remind me that getting one will be a good investment during these “tag-init’ days. I may not be the first person to advise about the pros and cons of using AC but if situation demands it then rest assured that I’ll also turn to it as my last resort.


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