Fasting is a common practice for our Muslim brothers and sisters during  the holy month of Ramadan. It has been said and recorded that this year got the longest hour of fasting from 4am up to 7pm (actually it varies everyday). In line with these sacrifices, some of the hotel and restaurant here in Dubai has an Iftar offering to help them break their fast. Well, there are various fast food chain who got eat-all-you-can style while other initiates 50% off on their menu. Its also amazing how other people shares their food for free as a form of charity.

I am not Muslim nor my co-workers but we already invade the spirit of Iftar by having a yearly  company staff dinner during Ramadan. If we experience Rose Rayhaan last year then this time we choose to dine at Oceana in Hilton Hotel Dubai- Jumeirah Resort. Located at the ground level, Oceana is a restaurant catering the specific needs of every individual by providing a daily themed nights. For our group, we choose a southeast Asian night to give us a variety of cuisine which is familiar to everybody. You know when our co-workers (other nationalities) dine with us we need to consider their choice of food. Some of them are vegetarian so better make sure that their requirement are also met. I think we gave them a fair justice as sumptuous veggies delight are loaded in every station. Most of all, the price is right at Oceana. For their Iftar Buffet we pay as low as AED 185/- good for two person and this promotion runs all days of Ramadan.

Hilton Invaders!!!!!

Hilton Invaders!!!!!


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