Our daily routine is full of surprises. Sometimes, we engage ourselves to a happy environment but there are moments when we feel exhausted just because of circumstances beyond our control. I know some of you choose to be quiet and smile rather than to explain the main reason of why unfavorable things happen when we least expect it. This is the reality. We need to face it. Unfortunately, we can’t hide the fact that on the middle of our solitude those challenges keeps blocking our way to find the happiness we truly deserve.

We can’t avoid the existence of negativity but we have inner capacity to handle it properly, see things differently and deal with it gracefully. When people are so rude because you failed to meet their expectation just BE STRONG. Stand still and firm for Heaven’s will pour all your required skill to overcome this nasty situation. When they hurt you so badly just BE STRONG. Time will come when wounds heal on its own and before you knew it you’re ready to commit again. When you shed some tears just BE STRONG. It will somehow wash your pain, unmasked your strength to re-gain your consciousness and give you clearer vision. When the ‘rain’ outburst too much just BE STRONG. Sun will shine soon to give us warm and in some case, unexpected rainbow share its charm to give us some comfort. When no one understand in a crowded world just BE STRONG. We can find peace in silence. When trouble ruins your day just BE STRONG. Always remember you may have a bad day not a bad life.

Learn to BE STRONG when challenges bring you down. Embrace the moment. This  is just a temporary scenario that about to pass. Step forward. Worry no more. Give space for extra faith. Keep in mind: there’s nothing wrong in your situation when you know the art of being strong and no conflict will stay  when we pray everyday.


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