Happy Ber-months!

If there are particular period in a year that gives excitement to everyone I think its the advent of ber-months. There’s a lot of event we’re looking forward during this time.  And I’m one of those people who was keenly delighted for each gala that could take place in this last quarter of 2013.

Here are my 8 reason why I am ablaze to have this feeling:

1. Yuletide Season

One whole day of festivity but for many Filipinos, it becomes a month-long celebration. Who doesn’t feel the atmosphere of Christmas as early as September? I maybe working on this day (its a regular day in the Middle East) but still I’m on a high spirit to celebrate the forthcoming of this phenomenal occasion. Advance Merry Christmas to all!

2. Women’s and children Cabin extension

No  more ‘siksikan‘ in the metro during the rush hour as they provide another cabin especially for women and children. Last Sept. 1, RTA launch a new rules of extending double seat availability for girls. Now, we can truly enjoy the ride without stepping into other’s feet. As a frequent Metro traveler, I salute all those personnel who come out with this bright idea that women’s and children are still on high priority.

3. Eid-Al-Adha

Before the much-awaited birthday of Jesus, everybody is elated for upcoming 3day Eid celebration here in UAE. So am I. For now there’s no concrete plan of what we will do but I am hoping it will lead us to discovery of new places.

4. School Days

Not only the younger generation are prepared for the opening of new academic year 2013-2014 because recently I enrolled in a weekend class. Yehey, my long-time dream to go back to school will effectuate in a weeks. Oh yes, I am not only a fulltime employee but at the same time a regular student.


Gitex is an annual gathering of well-established electronics retailer in the country whereas gadget of latest trends was available at very affordable price. I let it pass for many consecutive years but since I need to purchase new mobile (as requested by my brother) I reserve to buy it during this time for more choices as well as getting a good discount.

6. Celebration of Existence

No wonder why September to December seems to be a month of celebration, it is where most of my family member, cousins, friends and even myself was a ber-month babies. Hurray to our birthday month. We have more reason to celebrate as well as more get together coming on our way.

7. Winter Lover

Time to take all winter clothes from the closet. I may not be living in a snowy country but for people like me who resides in Middle East, I prefer the goodness of winter. It is a perfect moment to go out and savor the outdoor affair. The sun will temporarily lie low while giving way to chill break. Then I can shout: Goodbye Summer, Hello Winter!

8. Vacation, Vacation, Vacation

Yes, another vacation was due for me on the last quarter. It only means I will be back home again. Yipee, I have an opportunity to re-unite with my family and friends. Booking my ticket, shopping, airport greet and meet, and landing to my homeland gives me more sense to smile. Feeling excited counting every single day! Wohooooo!

Let’s stay blessed and happy while tracking the Ber-months!!!!!!!!!


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