For the past weeks, stress keeps challenging my hectic schedule in the office. It reminds me to always bring an extra box of effort to stay balance despite of unfavorable situation. As expected, there’s no room for gloomy days as everything turns into normal mode again and we’re now enjoying the smooth-sailing of activities. In line with such moment I got an invitation from our family friend who resides in The Mansion to come over on weekend.  Wow, I don’t know if it is a treat but I think this is what I badly needed–a simple leisure. Its really amazing how the universe surprise me with all this things. I am thankful enough for receiving such sweet delight at the right time.

Around 09:30am when we leave for our weekend escapade. A big wide smile from our dear friends and cousin greeted us . It serves as our mini-reunion because we don’t see each other for a long time. Though we wanted to meet up on a regular basis our jam-packed everyday lives laidback our intention. So this particular weekend gave way to finally be free and have a golden time to reunite again.

Imagine the last time we’re complete was during the celebration of Christmas Eve last year. Other than that our schedule doesn’t permit us to even have a following meet up. Since it took half a year before we got free time to bond, its coherent how we wanted to filled joyful memories that day. From breakfast to lunch to snack till dinner we’re all having an annex heap of kwentuhan. We never run out of energy. Each one has a stories to share. It only show how time flies and how we really miss our Dxb group.

Happy Weekend-ers!!!

Happy Weekend-ers!!!


Spending my weekend at The Mansion is truly rewarding. More that the relaxation I got from our unexpected get-together I have more reason to be thankful for there was something in our Dxb group that remain unchanged –the unity and friendship exist albeit of less meet up. Till next time!


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