I never thought that my simple wish to be a student again will happen this year. Though I got my Bachelor’s degree many years ago, I still crave to go back to school for further knowledge. As they said, learning should not stop after graduation but it should be a continuing process.

I’m thankful I have a job. I can’t deny how my present work helped me to gain additional skills, techniques and lots of experience. The enormous lesson I learn for each day of expediting my responsibility in the office is somehow categorized as an application of what I master during my college days and a training ground for new ventures. With all this realities presented to me, my dream to step once again in the school as a student keep lingering inside of me. I missed the feeling of having fun inside the classroom, chit-chatting with seatmate while waiting for the teacher, reviewing the lessons as a preparation for mid-term and final exams and trying to absorb each subject within a limited period of time.

Wohooo…Finally, I am a school girl again.

By the way, please forgive me if I keep on saying ‘school’ when the actual class doesn’t take place in any University but rather in a leased building. It doesn’t matter to me. I don’t care about the place as long as I can learn something new, as long as there is a knowledgeable teacher who’s willing to share his/her wisdom, and as long as I’m driven to accomplish my studious desire. All I wanted is to utilize my time to implant useful insights that I can apply to my actual work preference.

The Filipino community in UAE, especially those new student like me should be grateful to Digerati founders for organizing such association who’s mission and vision were extended in helping/teaching our fellow kababayan in different walks of life. They were offering 10 weeks short training course that will enhance our career advancement. It won’t affect any office hours as the classes start between 8am-4:30pm of Friday. Yey, so my weekend afternoon is dedicated for my schooling session.

As of this writing, we need to be ready because exam and recitation is set next Friday. Wohooo…. estudyanteng-estudyante ang dating! I felt a bit of jittery when our teacher announce that she will bring index card next week. It reminds me of my High school and University days when we’re all busy in scanning every page of the book to entrenched our awareness. I hope this time ‘no more standing’ if ever we can’t answer the question. Nakaka-excite na nakaka-tense. Good luck to all of us.

I’m pretty sure that along with my classmates we’re all hoping to enjoy each classes and  have fun while learning. It was also an opportunity for us to meet new friends and acquire some familiarity and expertise on our chosen course. Peeps, another simple dream come on my way….achieve my goal ‘coz I’m back to school.


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