P.F Chang’s CHARM

A lot of fast-food chain and fine dining restaurant are scattered in the area of UAE. Some of them are established long time ago and some are newly open branch. Last Saturday, we decided to dine in one of the popular restaurant originated in America and now creating a name in Arabian market- P. F. Chang’s. The demand arises in most of the cities after a successful launch of it’s first branch in Mirdif City Center. Since then, the birth of PF Chang’s in Mall of Emirates, Dubai Mall and latest, in Deira city Center creates headlines to every food trippers in Dubai. Actually, it was a months back opened in DCC but last weekend only we finally grab the chance to come across the charm of P.F. Chang’s. I don’t know the real meaning of two life-size horse in front of P.F. but is always visible in all their branch. Anyway, aside from their gigantic horse, their food, service and location serves as a lucky charm to attract more diners cum shoppers.

P.F Chang's @ Deira City Center

P.F Chang’s @ Deira City Center

As we sat on our respective table, the waitress gave a coloring sheet to our dear Aliyah while we’re choosing our order. What else we can order other than their best-seller of all time which according to the waitress: “pilit ginagaya pero hindi naman kaya”. Included in our order are Chicken with Lettuce wrap, Shrimp dynamite, Monggolian Beef, Brown rice, Iced Tea and Barbecue Ribs (half). For the 3 of us + 1 kid who spent most of her time roaming around and making ‘pangungulit’, the food that we order is more than enough that we even take out the excess.

Coloring time for the baby!

Coloring time for the baby!

Our happiness....

Our happiness….

Well, P.F is highly recommended to everyone as it the right place to meet your desire food quality and budget-friendly. Its charm will always outshine the moment you enter on their premises and keeps you coming back to try it again and again.


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