The UAE peeps whether Muslim or non-Muslims are excited for another holiday next week. Before that let me share our happy moments as we celebrate the Eid Al Adha. For this year, it falls on weekdays between Oct. 14-16. A lot of activities, sales and sort of entertainment are especially reserve during the 3 days off. Unlike before, we don’t have a pre-planning session on what we suppose to do yet we end up enjoying the pleasure of our rest day.

On the first day of Eid, we visit the new accommodation of our cousin and take a site-seeing at the newly opened Al Ghurair Mall extension. Among the many Malls in UAE, Al Ghurair is one of the closest to my heart. It became part of my everyday life as more than half of my stay in Dubai were spent next to this mall. It was a walking distance from our house before. We witnessed how it grows over the years, its opening hours till they close at 10pm and how the mall itself  help lighten the lives of those expats residing near in Al Rigga. There’s a hearsay some years ago about the plan for Mall expansion. After a series of planning, we finally got a chance to walk on the real extension with lots of new stores, food court, kids play area and spacious stage for different performers.



We had another mall tour on our 2nd day. This time we explore the Deira City Center. A typical window shopping for all of us.

The last day of Eid seems the highlight of the event as we received an unexpected invitation from our family friend who lives at The Mansion. They host a simple dinner party at their house. It was an evening of food delight and extra happiness to all attendees.


Well, I could say that our holiday are much worthy even without going an out-of-town like what we used to do on previous Eid. This year we spare our time in a less-budget holiday without compromising the true spirit of relative’s bonding.


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