YEAR 2014

day1: spending your new years day at your home country.
day2: the breath of fresh air as you travel to one of your dream destination.
day3: visiting the local places you never seen before.
day4: you enjoy the beach because the clouds cover the sun.
day5: quick conversation with you cousin who lives miles away.
day6: you energy match your multi task for today.
day7: knowing your friends spare some time just to be with you.
day8: an hour of sleep before you next activities.
day9: buying a dress at much lower price.
day10: unexpected financial blessings from someone.
day11: want an specific item and finally found it.
day12: being the first in line because you arrive early.
day13: the overflowing cooperation you got from your colleague.
day14: taking a bath in a cold morning with running warm water.
day15: the thoughtfulness of your flatmates to share their food when there is bithday celebration.
day16: your friend entrust her could-be years highlight to you before announcing to everybody.
day17: reuniting with you cousins on a lunch date after a past months of not seeing each other.
day18: you try to enter the old load pin in your wallet and suddenly it credit additional load in your account.
day19: submitting the requested report on time.
day20: you came home but you can’t unlock the door from outside then someone help to open it.
day21: finally bought a new pillow to add more comfort during the night.
day22: you were suppose to handover something but time is so constraint when one of their representative come over to pick it up.
day23: a super quick response on the appointment you had requested.
day24: a surprise question from your 3yrs old niece: “Tita, you want to be happy?”.
day25: cooking for the first time in your new accommodation.
day26: being calm despite of many challenges in your surroundings.
day27: when your last option work as a solution.
day28: dinner date with your cousins.
day29: those things you’re waiting for almost a week finally arrive.
day30: a good formation of clouds in the sky.
day31: no need to wake up early because its weekend.


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