day32: laugh out loud while watching tv.
day33: it’s almost closing time in a shopping mall yet you still manage to buy what you need because your destined shop has an extended hour for shoppers.
day34: the light pink water dispenser faucet you found in the kitchen.
day35: crossing the road directly because its free from any type of car.
day36: reading an inspiring article in the internet that help to enlighten you mood.
day37: find some free time to finish your post.
day38: meeting your old and new found friend.
day39: you found out that the broken door are now fixed.
day40: the power of 15 minutes nap in the afternoon.
day41: seeing lots of heart shape in the magazine.
day42: willingness of someone to explain those things which you find difficult to understand.
day43: getting to know your flatmates while having dinner.
day44: mcdo breakfast in the office.
day45: seeing the glowing reaction of your niece when she saw the chocolates in the table.
day46: able to fit all your things in 1 bag without getting bulky.
day47: re-visiting a place truly memorable to you.
day48: someone is laughing at your corniest joke.
day49: re-using what you have and end up useful like brand new.
day50: requesting someone to send important files at least by email yet she give it you in a hard bound copy.
day51: arrive a minutes early before the shows start.
day52: able to fly and see amazing sceneries above sea level even in your afternoon dreams only.
day53: listening to a song that remind someone in your past.
day54: you finish today what you have suppose to do tomorrow.
day55: seeing not 1 but 2 rare color of car in the middle of traffic jam.
day56: reading a letter and get some sort of inspiration from it.
day57: finally getting the right technique after a month-long study.
day58: wake up in the morning with  ready ‘lunch baon‘ for you.
day59: sharing a victorious day for your niece who were chosen to be part of a contest’s grand finale.




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