Who would ever think that this baby (my dear niece I lived with ever since) will be an instant model in a span of 1 minute?

sleeping beauty at 7mos (opps sorry I'm not sure)

sleeping beauty at 7mos (opps sorry I’m not sure)

Last weekend the leading retailer for babies clothing apparel, Babyshop, sponsored the Kids Fashionista contest held at Reef Mall. It was open for kids between the age of 4 to 14. We abruptly went there simply to watch how those cute babies transform into glamorous mowwwdel. Anyhow, it’s our first time to see a younger version enter into a world of fashion. I mean seeing them walk in a runway on the actual venue. It is clearly identified that in a modeling profession 90% of aspiring model are mostly adult and teenager. So this event gave us a refreshing view of how to be a fashionista in the eyes of an adorable child.

There are many kids roaming around in Reef Mall. Different ages. Different looks. Different nationalities. We took a good place for us where we can watch them freely. Next to us is a Filipina mother who register her 5 yrs old daughter to be part of the contest. She even asked my cousin ( my niece’s mother) to allow her (Aliyah) to join. My cousin was hesitant at first knowing Aliyah doesn’t have any experience at all, too young to join and a bit afraid that once the contest start she might back out and don’t want to walk.  But when my cousin asked Aliyah if she wants to be on stage my over confident niece answered a bold YES. Then we heard that another kid (a Japanese or Chinese??) which is much smaller than Aliyah will be joining also. Without any sign of uncertainties, my cousin filled up the registration form, submit and  got approved while pretty Aliyah is busy running and playing with other kids.

The contest start around 6:30pm. According to some viewer, there are about 200+ fashionista’s wanna-be in the entire contest. Aliyah is part of 1st batch model to walk in a runway. This will be the preliminary. When we look at other kids they are actually ready for that day. Pinag handaan talaga nila. They had slight make-up, set of impressive dress and even come up with tons of practice. Our Aliyah, on the other hand, joined them with all-by-herself look-cute smile, maong skirt and Tee she used to wear in an ordinary day and an impromptu runway walk.

Each contestant will walk in less than a minute so within that given time they should impress the 3 Judges. Well, our baby waves the runway with her confidence, wear the best smile and walk gracefully. There’s no pressure for us. Whether she made it or not she will remain our baby princess. Perhaps, like other family member, what important for us is she enjoy what she’s doing and be herself on that spot.

Since it was an unexpected event, we don’t have any digicam to capture her moment. All photos are courtesy of our mobile phone. Even videos are unsaved that time. My cousin is a bit upset because she doesn’t have documented video to show her husband. I was jokingly told her: “bukas na lang I-video sa pag rampa nya sa finals.”

Too innocent!

Too innocent!

First batch of aspiring Mowwdel.....

First batch of aspiring Mowwdel…..

Then we went home to watch our favorite tele-serye. We almost forgot that she joined a fashionista contest a few hours ago. It’s for fun only. She maybe the youngest contestant and what happen in the event is enough to gave her a platform of experience. No expectation at all. We are thankful that they gave her a chance to be a model even for a minute.

We’re all set to sleep when my cousin was screaming in the hallway. She shows me the message from the event organizer that Aliyah was chosen to be grand finalists in a 4-6 yrs old category. WOW!!!! Out of 200+ aspiring fashionistas, the unexpected model in her, the unprepared and the young kid who went there to see other kid’s performance then called to be part of preliminary screening and now making her way to Grand Finale. Aahhhh….what a surprise! Her simplicity, confidence and charismatic personality help her to shine in less than a minute.

Her smile that capture everybody’s heart!!!!

We are so proud of her. Indeed, you will appreciate the victory when you least expect it. Kudos to Aliyah!!!!

*** As of this writing ,the Grand finale was a huge success. She’s one of the 10 fashionista in her category. Though she didn’t bring home the bacon, we are also proud of the winner because she’s also a Filipina beauty–a true model at a very young age.


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