I am very thankful that in every travel we did visiting His home is always part of our itinerary. We went to Bantay Church on our 1st day in Vigan and the best way to start our Ilocos Norte sojourn is receiving spiritual blessing from one of the Baroque Church in the Philippines which is situated in Paoay. San Augustin Church tagged by many as Paoay Church is one of the oldest and awarded in 1993 as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

WOW! This is what I utter the moment we park our car in front of Herencia Cafe. A few steps away from where I stand I felt an in depth admiration for what I’ve seen. It looks like a Heavenly path is pouring down thru the sun rays and the church are stunning brightly as you keep staring on its façade.

Surreal beauty of Paoay Church

Surreal beauty of Paoay Church

We reach there early in the morning and the entrance door is still close. As we step closer we can’t help but to admire its glowing charm with matching invitation to visit Him. So lucky to found out that we can able to come inside because they open the door on the other side.

Getting closer and closer...

Getting closer and closer…

Façade of Paoay Church

Façade of Paoay Church

The Church is indeed an epitome of stillness. Knowing it took 100 years to complete yet stand firmly up to know is somehow a treasure that we should be proud of. Paoay Church, according to the student we met at Padre Burgos House, is unbelievable but true product of sugarcane juice, coral blocks, baked bricks, tree sap and lumber. Even the Bell Tower which is made of coral stone was an evidence of how it help our countrymen during the war in 1896. It is truly a historical figure which surpass all calamities as the year passes.

Serene, peace, hope and love

Serene, peace, hope and love

After our heartfelt prayer offerings while immersing ourselves in a placid ambiance inside, take a quick visit to Jardin de San Agustin located next to Paoay Church. It is a Prayer Garden allotted for those churchgoers or simply visitors who want to reflect while having a close encounter with nature. All those green plants and man-made fountain help us to attract positive vibes. By just looking at them, we felt relax even if we are under the roof of the sun.




One thing that catches my attention is the quotes scattered along the beautiful landscaped garden. I even take some photos of those as a friendly reminder if I need to boost my self-esteem.

Quotable Quotes!!!!

Quotable Quotes!!!!

With my dear friends...

With my dear friends…

I believe Paoay Church is one of the most visited site in Ilocos region. No wonder why many tourists want to see it up close. The mere fact that it is an iconic landmark the story of its stability which is tested beyond years is more than enough to include this amazing church in your Ilocandia itinerary.


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