Lighthouses are very common in our beloved Philippines because of large portion of water that surrounds us. It mostly help our Seafarers to navigate their ship into proper port destination as well as avoid berthing into rough riverine areas. Among the many listed Lighthouse in our country, we are so grateful to visit one of the distinguish aged-old structure located in Burgos,  Ilocos Norte. Cape Bojeador also known as Burgos Lighthouse is a popular spot which we include in our Ilocos trip.

Cape Bojeador perched on a hilly top so it is visible and looks like a tiny object as we travel along Maharlika Highway. The line of trees on the narrow road seems pretty dancing every time there are tourists who come up to see the surviving lighthouse. Burgos Lighthouse nestled in an elevated area so going up need an extra effort. Since we had our car it’s easy for us to reach the top.

Welcome to Cape Bojeador!!!!

Welcome to Cape Bojeador!!!!

The place really attracts more and more visitors every single day. There are stores for souvenirs, snacks, etc located on the ground level. By merely looking on it’s vast surrounding with blue and green dominating the whole premises I could say that this is 1 adventure that we gladly include in our trip.

Colorful surrounding....

Colorful surrounding….

As we step closer to the Lighthouse I felt amazed on this towering structure. The 66ft Burgos Lighthouse is bona fied because it is evidently surpassed all calamities and still standing up to date. No wonder why Cape Bojeador is a recipient of National Historical Landmark and Natural Cultural Treasure award.

Wait for me..I'm on the way....

Wait for me..I’m on the way….

Even without Tour Guide everyone can easily understand the interesting fact about Cape Bojeador. I saw this symbolic post before we went upstair.

Need to say more....

Need to say more….

The architectural design of Burgos Lighthouse is still on its original form but we can’t deny that whatever we witness today is just a shadow of how it ripened all those years.

old but very useful...

old but very useful…

The view from upper deck is indeed breathtaking. One side is more on forestry while on our right is the fascinating Western Philippine Sea. Staring on both sides with the accompaniment of cold wind is something that touches my spirit. All your consumed energy due to non-stop traveling will suddenly turn around when you have this picturesque background.

Astonishing view at the top

Astonishing view at the top

I appreciate more the beauty of our natural resources when I stand on Cape Bojeador’s verandah. The weather is great, water is azure, air is pure—it surely make my day complete.

So relaxing here...

So relaxing here…

It seems Cape Bojeador always embrace the solitude moment but every human being who wishes to wander on this place will have enough reason to smile by simply overlooking on the wonder of Ilocos.


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