When I saw the photo of Kapurpurawan Rock Formation from the social media account of my friend I instantly admire the awesomeness of the place. How did they achieve that design? is it man-made? Where and when can I visit it personally? Oh well, time is so perfect when they inform me that it was one of tourist spot in Ilocos which actually our travel destination this year.

A few minutes away from Cape Bojeador, we drive towards the place where we can see upclose the unique Kapurpurawan rock formation. There is ongoing road construction that lead us to parked our car far from where it used to be. Anyway, we understand that this simple sacrifice for now will benefits more visitors in the future. Then we walk ahead. There is handwritten signage serves as the starting point. We also found some store selling snacks, water, souvenirs and even rental service for hats and umbrella. It was an open field so the big sun will surely be everybody’s companion as they toured the area. Since our adventurous body are well adjusted to sunlight a bottle of water is enough to keep us moving and hydrated.

Ah okay...we're heading to the right place...

Ah okay…we’re heading to the right place…

With bunch of excitement, we started our trek to shimmering Kapurpurawan. For our information, the name of the place derived from Ilocano word “puraw‘ which means pure or white. Well, the picture speaks itself. This rocks are obviously stunning brightly on its whiteness even if we’re standing afar.

simply spectacular view

simply spectacular view

The local government assure all traveler to have an easy access to Kapupurawan. They built a well-paved lane heading directly to the rock formation. Horse riding is also available on site in case you get tired of walking. Amidst the scorching heat, we’ve got covered while walking in the pathway thru the elephantine rock range on our right side. I believe this man-made road is part of their progressive plan to give us more comfort stay in Kapurpurawan.

rocky road....

rocky road….

Our un-ending chit-chat helps us to walk ahead without feeling burnt. We don’t notice the high temperature that time because of our excitement to see the unbelievable formation of Kapurpurawan. From the view point where we stand, we finally got the chance of seeing the rocks upclose.

Finally.....I'm here!!!!

Finally…..I’m here!!!!

We are all awed to the surreal design of rocks. It looks like a submarine rested on top of coast line. For some newbie here we might think that it is sculpture idea of human but its existence is made possible by nature. Yes you read it right- Kapurpurawan‘s birth is due to impeccable blend of nature’s element. Take note this is not an ordinary rocks we normally found anywhere. From the color, composition and how it all created is something unique on it’s own and can be found only in Ilocos.  A prized possession given to all of us for free.



Aside from the rock formation, we were enticed with superb photographic scenery that are also eye-pleaser. The West Philippine Sea, pools of water along the area, some green plants and the rocks itself is more than enough to increase your travel desire in Ilocos province.

when the surroundings became blue, green and white....

when the surroundings became blue, green and white….

On our way back, an effigy caught my attention that give us a puzzled look. We’re thinking if he is the owner of Kapurpurawan or what is he’s significant contribution to the place. Then Google answered us- could be Lam Ang- an Ilococano hero from epic poem ang Biag Ni Lam-Ang.

new attraction....

new attraction….

If I am fascinated when I first saw the Kapurpurawan rock formation in photo, then standing there physically is much  mesmerizing and truly a dream come true for me.


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