Nowadays, fashion show become a common event in every shopping mall. If Reef Mall wowed us with their Babyshop sponsored Kids Fashionista then more admiration goes to Mirdif City Center for hosting their annual Fashion Weekend. Well, it is not an ordinary fashion show with launching of new branded clothing lines or with high caliber model but they also emphasize that all unwanted items around us can be used as fashion material. This is what we call now as Trashion Show.

We all knew how Kids/Teenager impress us when they dressed and walk effortless in a runway. Last weekend, it was a different scenario. Kids with their innocent and lovely face do the catwalk wearing a fashion dress made up of recycled material. Imagine the bunch of paper, plastics, cans, bottle etc we normally seen in our house are all put together to create a new apparel. I’m sure all shoppers who visit Mirdif City Center last weekend and able to watch the entire show at Central galleria are all amazed with the output.

Sorry, I don’t have pictures of all participants but so lucky to found some photos on Mirdif City Center social media account.

Trashionistas as they do the catwalk....

Trashionistas as they do the catwalk….


Look at these kids on their unique yet colorful outfit. Whoever made their dress is really artistic and talented when it comes to fashion design.

product of creative mind

product of creative mind

The trashionistas who stand out on the said event…..Ang lupet ng gumawa..grabe…nakaka-believe..

top 6

top 6

We were in Mirdif not only to watch but also to support our little Aliyah on her 2nd fashion show. She’s the smallest and youngest model at 3yrs old.  She’s wearing a mini-gown made up of used Lipton Tea bag. ang hirap palang maging mananahi

Fashion dress made of Used Tea Bag...

Fashion dress made of Used Tea Bag…

We are all familiar with fashion but hearing the word “trashion” is something that extract more creativity on the part of the designer. The challenge here is not how to make it wearable but also useful, comfortable and beautiful even we know that it is all pick up from trash.


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