MARCH 2014

day60: you’re most welcome to sleepover in your cousin’s house anytime.
day61: someone you only talked through phone patch is sharing good news to you.
day62: the final report of your colleague match with your very own record.
day63: receiving an invitation from someone you never seen since your last schooldays.
day64: able to find place to eat your lunch despite of pre-occupancy in assign dining area.
day65: a greetings from your new found friend in a busy street.
day66: watching an inspirational music video that reminds of bravery and hopefulness of your countrymen.
day67: witnessing a strong foundation of friendship tested beyond years.
day68: a good compliments you received about your working style.
day69: before it’s too late you find way just to greet your friend on his special day.
day70: someone agreed in your proposed idea.
day71: you’ve got what you need amidst internet interruption.
day72: receiving unexpected phone call from your former colleague whom you lost contact for almost 5years.
day73: reminiscing your highschool days while doing your weekend project.
day74: getting the last bottled water in the store.
day75: when your simple instruction are being abide by someone.
day76: a mistakes that is corrected in advance.
day77: going to your desired destination via shortcut.
day78: reading free magazine again in a public transportation.
day79: lots of space in the train’s women area during the peak hours.
day80: the energy and ideas that overflow when your working in a deadline.
day81: went home satisfied after trying out a new dish in a new restaurant.
day82: watching lively performance in the street.
day83: a cute dress design sent by your friend via private message.
day84: a comfortable fitting of your new pants.
day85: when your boss allow you to come home early to avoid traffic jam caused by rain.
day86: chatting with two of your closest friends living half across the globe.
day87: a plan that ignites you to work more productively.
day88: embracing your weekend with kids showing their gifted talent and skills at a young age.
day89: finally tried the muck talked about gastronomical experience in town.
day90: doing your chores early in the morning when most of your housemates are still in good sleep.




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