Exploring different cuisine here in Dubai is not new to me. Considering the quite number of years, I’ve been to some of notable hotel restaurant enjoying their buffet, or ordinary fastfood chain when we have no time to cook to unknown food stall just to have a quick bites except for one—the overrated shabu shabu experience. Most expats in UAE especially Pinoys and Chinese are all familiar with this japanese popular hot pot dish and their stay wouldn’t be complete without trying it. My cousins were hooked with it, my friends had tried it numerous times, even those people I knew had a share of experience about it.

My curiosity were finally answered when my cousin accompany me to Xiao Wei Yang. It is 1 of distinguish shabu shabu restaurant in Baniyas Road. This Chinese resto are always full of customers especially during peak hours. Though they have enough table to cater any group of people still some has to wait in the reception when all are occupied. We’re so lucky that time to found a seat on the spot.

Our Foodtrip begins here!!!

Our Foodtrip begins here!!!

The most exciting part of shabu shabu is you have to cook it by yourself. You became an instant Chef when they serve all your order ingredients. Shabu Shabu is a dish compose of thinly slice of sirloin beef, meatballs, shrimp (not in photo), crab stick, fish tofu and vegetables simmered in a boiling broth.


colorful ingredients....

colorful ingredients….

Step by step, I got to know how shabu shabu was cooked in perfection. There is an ultra flat top stove on the table itself serve as the main equipment. I didn’t notice at all that it was a stove because the thickness are exactly same as the table. Don’t worry it also safe.

Time to cook cousin....

Time to cook cousin….

Since my cousin visited the place many times she already master the cooking techniques. We just put all ingredients in a hot pot then wait for few minutes to have a delicious shabu shabu.

let it boil....

let it boil….


For some rice lovers, it is also included when you order a value meal. For me, even their soup alone can give you much satisfaction. Another exciting part of our dinner is choosing from variety of condiments in some part of the restaurant.  We prefer Tahini (a paste made from crushed sesame seeds) dipping sauce with a pinch  of garlic and small cut veggies on top. Tahini gives additional savory flavor to our shabu shabu treat.

Dipping sauce

Dipping sauce

In our simple dinner, we actually get some Go, Grow and Glow food altogether except for Softdrink which is part of our ordered set. You can either substitute with Iced Tea for healthier option. As I mention, we had rice, fish, meat, seafood and vegetables in our table then the waitress gives fresh slices of watermelon as a dessert. Pampaalis umay daw sabi ng pinsan ko.


complimentary fruits...

complimentary fruits…

Other Foodie might prefer to have shabu shabu in a Fine Dining establishment but there’s nothing wrong in exploring on this budgeted resto which also offer a quality-wise shabu  shabu experience. The price is affordable especially if you’re coming in a big group. If you’ll ask me whether I will try again my answer is YES. Next time, I’ll go for spicy one. Overall, my shabu shabu moment gives me a happy tummy even I am newbie.


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