A possibility of staying under the influence of sunshine is very high when your planning an outdoor adventure. Our 2nd day in Ilocos Norte gives us lots of sun exposure. From our sand dunes activity, to Cape Bojeador down to Kapurpurawan we’ve been into great battle against humidity. We are more than happy if we can find a way to stay out from the sun or feel the comfort of the wind while wandering in those places. Luckily, another tourist spot in Ilocos where we spent a lazy afternoon without wondering a high temperature between 2-3pm is part of our itinerary.

Malakas ang hangin sa Bangui!”, an advise we heard from our friend. We got a new level of excitement because it only means we could stay longer in that place. We are all energized when we saw the tip of windmill along the way. All of us glued our eyes on it. We couldn’t believe that a place we only heard before is now a step closer to us.

Bangui Wind Farm

Bangui Wind Farm

From afar, these 20 wind turbines looks like standing closely to one another but its actually built 326 meters apart.

20 Wind Turbines....

20 Wind Turbines….


We agreed to our friend- the more we come close to Bangui Wind Farm the more strong wind welcome our arrival. The giant horizontal-axis wind turbine  with super long blades is responsible for generating cold winds as well as source of electric power in Ilocos.

The Giants....

The Giants….

Wonder how gigantic the windmill is? Then look at the shadow on our back. It sufficiently covered the 4 of us who did nothing but to embrace the chilly moment in Bangui.

We're covered Yehey!!!!

We’re covered Yehey!!!!


The place is definitely relaxing. We carelessly sit on the sand while our baby dear in the group is running around. The wind from West Philippine Sea blows toward the land that eventually create a cooling effect in the shoreline. We almost forgot that there is sun that time because the air currents dominate the whole premises.

relaxing shoreline

relaxing shoreline


While we are busy chit-chatting, we saw him and some other tourist collecting stones. Ahhhh….so there’s a different color and texture of stones in the coastline.

a man collecting some stones...

a man collecting some stones…

Our trip is not complete without our photo session with famous Bangui Windmills. Our messy hair is an evident of how windy the place is.


Great time with my friends...

Great time with my friends…


As planned, we stay in Bangui a bit longer to sit back and enjoy this precious moment where ocean, land, mountain and sky are all visible in our sight.


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