APRIL 2014

day91-day104:  couldn’t retrieve…sorry…
day105: an effort given by someone to help lighten the burden.
day106: watching an inspirational video that gives so much hope.
day107: an application you didn’t use for so long is suddenly play an important role now.
day108: having enough time to watch an amazing story of survival.
day109: when you were drop by near your house instead of travelling thru metro station.
day110: reaching your desired place exactly on time.
day111: overflowing help comes your way.
day112: learning how some stuff works.
day113: when most of your friends visited you in your house.
day114: a chance to take a nap in between your sleepless night.
day115: a beautiful flower arrangement that enlighten your mood.
day116: the good conversation between you and your cousin keeps you awake overnight.
day117: outpouring support you receive from different people.
day118: a glimpse to an animal you last saw during your childhood.
day119: the hard rain that washes out the summer heat.
day120: watching the sunrise while riding in a public transportation.


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