MAY 2014

day121: discovering new way to cook 1 dish.
day122: able to submit all document before the person went on her prior appointment.
day123: eating seasonal fruit planted directly from your backyard.
day124: waiting in queue while listening to a good music.
day125: getting the last seat in the first trip of bus.
day126: the unique butterfly you spotted outside your own cabinet.
day127: one of the favorite opm song played in the radio before you went down on car.
day128: an offer given to you that could be beneficial in the future.
day129: eating a meal which remind you of best seller dish in a top fast food chain in your home country.
day130: a salesman who help and suggest where to find what you specifically need.
day131: when someone is making an effort to make a celebration more meaningful.
day132: a promise to download new application in your system are finally done.
day133: a set of questions that challenge you to study more.
day134: reading a recent true to life inspiring story.
day135: your niece who give up her cartoon network so that you can watch TFC.
day136: reuniting with most of your cousins and had lunch together.
day137: the car park nearby your house so you’ll have an excuse not to walk in a vast sand.
day138: knowing you explore 1 place to another simply by walking around.
day139: an sms shown by someone that reflect the positivity for the whole day.
day140: no taxi in a vicinity but 1 suddenly came before you get tired of waiting.
day141: a passerby who smile and greet you ‘good morning’.
day142: en route to the old entrance gate and got amaze with lots of improvement.
day143: sharing a continental breakfast made in your cousin’s house.
day144: an enticing ceiling decoration found inside the mall.
day145: a voluntary help from your housemate to finish your re-packing.
day146: the unusual sale of specific household item found in a high-end grocery.
day147: able to find all items you want to buy for a long time in 1 shop only.
day148: a free cup of ice cream given to you in a waiting area.
day149: surviving the 12hrs fasting during daytime.
day150: finding new way to re-heat the water when dispenser is not working.
day151: reaching the ground level in a few minutes using the express lift.




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