The speedometer of our van reach its above-average level as we travel our last destination in Ilocos province- the promising Pagudpud. From Bangui, we need to reach Pagudpud at the earliest to promptly search for our accommodation so the question of whether to pursue our Patapat Viaduct tour or not is still occupy a minute of debate among us. Till we come out with our unanimous decision to finally went straight to the well-known bridge since visiting this place is a rare chance.

Lots of trees welcome our group as we travel on a 2 lane road. Looking on these greenery make us a bit busy so we almost forgot how time flies. Our van keep on moving but we don’t see  the exact place to stop which according to my friend the only sign to know if it is Patapat is the white bridge with mountain on 1 side and sea on the other side.  After a series of driving left and right, we finally reach the bridge that connect the province of Ilocos and Cagayan.

Finally...a bridge that connect us...

Finally…a bridge that connect us…

In some area, stopping in the main road is not allowed but here in Patapat it is common to see any means of transportation takes a full stop. Afterall, travelers are here to grasp the wonderful experience of stepping in the 4th longest bridge built in Philippine island.

Patapat Viaduct

Patapat Viaduct


Actually, there’s nothing much to do here other than overlooking the peaceful wave of West Philippine Sea while enjoying the background of long-lived trees growing along the Cordillera mountain range. The place is really good if you want to relax in a short span of time because it promise a solitary moment of serenity.


The weather is so good...

The weather is so good…

As I stood on the bridge, I can’t help but notice how blessed the Ilocano people are to have this kind of place where you can see upclose the natural wonder of blue sky blending with water resources plus the untouched forestry that witness how the civilization were improve through the years.

We should be thankful to former Pres. Marcos because it is 1 of his many successful plan during his term. Aside from the beauty it brings to all, the 102ft bridge was a big help to many passerby because it was built to avoid accident as well as to connect two town. It is also notable the good raw material used in making this bridge because it remain stable despite of different generation had passed.


Oh Sea…you help us to relax

We don’t want to missed the opportunity of having a picture in Patapat Viaduct so each one of us find a solo spot with backdrop of snake-like road.

a must do in Patapat..take  a photo...

a must do in Patapat..take a photo…




a long and winding road....

a long and winding road….


A lot of private car still arriving as we left the bridge. We couldn’t stay any longer because were aiming to catch sunset in Saud Beach. Our travel time going to Patapat Viaduct is much longer compare to the relax moment we spent there but the great experience we got is already a keepsake that everytime we’ll look on our picture it is best to describe how happy we are to step in a place which is almost a tail-end of our country.


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