We failed to see the sunset in the beach. Sigh! It took us more time to find an affordable homestay, settle our things and drop by the nearest public market so that we can have something to cook for dinner. Eventually, we leave the boys in the kitchen (they can make a magical meal better than us) while we explore the beauty of Saud Beach.

The beach are  mostly visited during its peak hours like sunrise or sunset. I believe it is one of the best viewdeck to witness how the sun start its duty in daytime and automatically find a resting place when the moon are ready to come in. Since we missed the sunset we found the place too huge for a limited number of tourists. Maybe they got tired of all-day swimming and back to their hotel for rest. Well, this is what we want to do in all our beach-hopping–walk, run, swim and enjoy without worrying if other people will look at our kiddie-like behavior.




Saud Beach is one of unspoiled beach in the Philippines and very popular in Ilocos province. They fondly called it as “Boracay of the North” because of its pristine water, long-stretch sand with coconut and palm trees on the beachfront but I think Pagudpud has its unique identity and already a paradise itself.



Unlike in Boracay where there is ongoing night party , you can find here in Saud the chilling effect of being away from bustling city noise. Only the wave of the sea or the soft whooping of people around will echoed in your ear. Even the beautiful sky is so amazing to look at.




IMG_0095 (2)


This is not the first time I saw a redder sky but I greatly appreciate it when I’m standing in an open field. It looks like a painting (or nothing to some) but it is more beautiful when you saw it up close. The horizon look like infinity and I wonder where it actually ends. Imagine a miraculous sky sandwiched the mountain range and kissed the wide tranquil sea; truly God is creating it perfectly.

IMG_0094 (2)


It’s really good to walk barefoot in Saud Beach. The sand is so powdery and no sign of trash along the seashore. It’s safe for all beachcombers. I even throw my slipper in one corner so that I can enjoy the coolness of water.  The modest smash of wave serves as  massage therapy on my tiresome feet. Other than swimming which I admit hindi talaga ako marunong, a simple walking along the seaside already gives me a precious relaxation and creates a happy memories to me.

IMG_0092 (2)

The metamorphosis between daylight and dusk is approaching so fast. We think in less than an hour the gloomy night will monopolize the whole place. The beach which is full of life when we arrive are now turning into shadow black. The sea. The sky. The trees. Even the few people around are hardly recognize but remain dazzling in the dark. We need to return to our homestay for now so that we can recharge our energy for the next day actual swimming break. Though we didn’t see the sunset, we’ll make sure to wake up early morning to catch the sunrise in Pagudpud.


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  1. Elmer Nev Valenzuela
    Jun 20, 2014 @ 05:15:37

    Saud is less populated as against Maira-ira beach which is on the other side. I like it here


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