Atlantis the Palm in Jumeirah is not a new place to me. I have seen its beauty in daytime when the number of visitors are almost doubled. No wonder why this 5 star Hotel and Resort is always on the bucket list of many local and expat in Dubai because of its hidden photographic scenery and an assurance of total enjoyment during your entire stay. It’s my guilty pleasure to be here once again..but now to see how every master piece glows in the dark. I am captivated when I first step in our afternoon escapade then I thought nothing will change as time pass by. As usual, I am wrong. It’s a different story when all lights are on. These lights added more life to an ordinary display which in effect gave you another reason to be more appreciative.



The big Chihuly Scuplture built on the reception area is already an eye-catcher inside the Atlantis. It is considered as 1 of the camera-friendly spot so don’t be surprise if people flock around it.


As I look above, it is evidenced how the artist used his talent to conceptualized a design that is well-accepted by many. It seems there’s some fire on the tip but actually this is only the aftermath of light and color.


ceiling atlantis


There’s a lot of interesting artwork I found inside this prestigious hotel. Like this colorful canvas in the ceiling.



The appearance of the hotel became more vibrant at night because of many chandelier/lamp distributed in every corner.

ceiling lamp


I even stumble in one hallway and found this amazing design which having a resemblance of a window. This is the magical effect of light illumination.


Since Atlantis the Palm is connected with water  most of their interior design is also aquatic-related.

wall display




As we explore each corridor, its really convincing that the shade of lighting help them to stand out.



Thank you Atlantis for giving me a chance to see your charm both on daytime and twilight. You never failed to impress me and those other guest with your stunning layout. Hopefully on my next visit (wishful thinking), I could try your many activities which according to some of my friends is also jaw-dropping and exciting.





2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. rommel
    Jul 01, 2014 @ 07:09:58

    Triple awesome art works. Something I’d be so thrilled to see myself, even if it means coughing up some dough just to see it.


  2. loidabestdiscovery
    Jul 03, 2014 @ 15:11:57

    Who knows maybe 1 day you’re exploring UAE. Spell possible!


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