July 2014

day182: a demand granted despite of a troublesome existed the other day.
day183: getting a taxi right after you step out from your building.
day184: a sundae treat from your officemate.
day185: an afternoon of reunion, foodtrip and story sharing with your cousin whom you never see for a long time.
day186: a much awaited response from someone about the inquiry you had asked.
day187: unexpected assistance you receive from a stranger.
day188: you are already in your house when the rain began to fall.
day189: when you maintain the measure you did 3 months ago for the dress you need to wear in a special event.
day190: buying some item half of its price.
day191: witness the honesty of a passenger when she return her excess fare.
day192: you were suppose to walk a distance when a ready transport is also going on the same place and they allow you to hitch hike.
day193: saw 1 of your friend who also attended the same event.
day194: reaching the place a bit late but still you get enough prep time before the party started.
day195: a weather update sent by your friend thru sms.
day196: watching the generosity of a less fortunate child by sharing his less income to his siblings.
day197: witness the spirit of bayanihan after the storm.
day198: a water running in your faucet after several hours of no water/no power in your community.
day199: getting the last table in a restaurant full of customer.
day200: wake up just in time without using an alarm clock.
day201: when someone volunteer to re-charge your household gadget when electricity is not available in your place.
day202: enjoying the games in your mobile during your free time.
day203: you can stay late at night just to watch tv.
day204: when you make yourself ready instantly before the call time.
day205: hearing a true story of sacrifice when it comes to love.
day206: answering correctly a series of question you’ve been thinking since yesterday.
day207: reaching the place less than your expected time because the public transportation has a fewer stop.
day208: saw a keepsake given by your friend while cleaning your files.
day209: try a boodle style of eating in a restaurant.
day210: the opportunity to watch the replay of 1 program.
day211: when your friend show the book from her collection which happen one of dream to read also.
day212: knowing the gift you shared a year ago is used and beneficial to the receiver.


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