The rising temperature in UAE doesn’t stop us to be on the road again. This time we explore the ‘rocky’ road of Fujairah. It is one of the 7 Emirates and 2 to 3 hours away from Dubai.



Each Emirates has their own unique identification and Fujairah is known for its mountainous range. Our impromptu roadtrip transport us to a different scenic view temporarily away from the towering building and brisk life in the city. You know you are stepping the comfort zone of Fujairah when both side of the road is filled with elevated rocky formation.



If you love gardening, you will definitely enjoy the collection of indoor and outdoor  real plants sold by locals/expats. There are many stores situated beside the road. They are selling either plants, fruits, soil and carpet which is much cheaper compare to the price in shopping mall.



As I mentioned earlier, Fujairah are gifted with hilly mountain. Well, it is not the common mountain with full of greenery site. You might asked if below image is a product of ‘kaingin‘ because from afar, it is plain, empty and next to nothing but the truth is the mountain itself is all natural wonder. They called it “Stone Mountain” or from local’s term–Hajar Mountain range.




The hardened closer look when I zoom in my camera:




Aside from Hajar Mountain, lots of life-size art are visible in every roundabout as we went straight to main city. Maybe this art symbolizes the richness of Fujairah’s culture.




We stopped for a while and found this Mosque near our parking.



We are not familiar with place or any road in Fujairah but the way it entertained us is something worth to see. We are totally stranger here but the kindness of people whom we asked for location lead us to new discovery place. We took hours to reach the place but the memories on this Fujairah trip will always add spot in our UAE journey.



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