AUG 2014

day213: you decided to buy an item when a saleslady said you can get 1 more free because of their promo.
day214: a thoughtful cousin who shared her seasonal vegie to you.
day215: out of many people around you were chosen to answer their written survey.
day216: the different level of happiness when you pursue an expected plan.
day217: discovering that your friend is now pregnant for her 2nd child.
day218: when you found out that the person you plan to meet is already in the place nearby to you house.
day219: an interview with someone about a job that many thinks as low earner but actually pays more than your expectation.
day220: an aroma of coffee and carrot cake in the morning.
day221: reminiscing a special event during your highschool days when you hear again the song that were part of it.
day222: a wind passing thru the window in your kitchen despite the summer season.
day223: when you can share to your colleagues those skills and info that you learn.
day224: found the item available in the next store when it was out of stock from the other one.
day225: you’re almost near your house when the traffic jam started on the same road u had travelled (as per the news).
day226: a helpful articles that spice up your interest.
day227: reading newspaper in between tv commercials.
day228: watching the winning piece presentation of some students from your alma mater.
day229: the happy mood of your cousin to do a multitask chores.
day230: when you found an alternative route to avoid traffic.
day231: an apple with slight brownish on its skin yet maintain the crunchiness inside.
day232: receiving message from your friend about her latest blessings.
day233: a bus that arrives earlier than its actual schedule.
day234: when your country’s cuisine was feature in an international program.
day235: a warmth welcome extended by the couple when you visit them.
day236: an inspiring wedding vow of someone on their silver anniversary celebration.
day237: a presentation that gives you a deep understanding of how a process work.
day238: when you won a game because of the last and only move you had.
day239: your old friend stop just to say hi when he saw you in the street.
day240: knowing someone is determined to improve her way of living.
day241: lots of early learning books (for kids) found in the house of your cousin’s friend.
day242: saw your neighbors having fun as an audience in a TV show.
day243: you are informed that a former officemate gave birth already.


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