In searching for a place to relax in Fujairah we didn’t expect that we’ll drop by to an area surrounded by trees. I thought Fujairah was all about Stone Mountain and Beach on its boundary but to our surprise we found a Park in the middle of city center. We are sitting presto inside our  car when the stunning color of slides catch our attention. My cousin’s daughter requested us to stop so that she can play there. We thought it was a plain playground but every family member of all ages can actually enjoy some activities inside.

Nice to walk under the trees....

Nice to walk under the trees….


Al Metalaa Park is an ice breaker from what we saw mostly on our journey to Fujairah. It has more lushing trees with a well-maintain grass lawn and some sort of playing area for kids. Our dear Aliyah was having fun because of plenty rides to choose from.

playing with a mountain as your background

playing with a mountain as your background



Kids will definitely enjoy here....

Kids will definitely enjoy here….

Don’t worry adults, Al Metalaa Park has something for you. You can either walk or take these Go-Kart to explore the whole vicinity.

Wanna Ride....

Wanna Ride….


Al Metalaa Park is also a home for some birds. Look what my camera captured during our visit. It’s nice to watch them freely hanging around.

Welcome Birdie!!!

Welcome Birdie!!!


If you get tired then you can sit on any bench scattered along the area while overlooking the majestic view of a mountain and let the winds bring you some good rest.




This Park is located opposite Khor Fakkan Beach which is another favorite spot among local and tourist from different parts of UAE. We spent  more time in Al Metalaa not only because of my niece who found a big space to play but due to breath of fresh air we got and a panoramic greenery site which is a breakthrough from the mountainous description of  Fujairah.


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