I can’t deny the number of buffet restaurant we had try here in Dubai. All of them gave us a satisfying stomach and share a wonderful gastronomical experience which makes our stay in the desert more unforgettable. Though they have a common denominator of offering a sumptuous choices of food they are different in ambience, service and price value. Given this 4 factor as a preference for overall rating our dinner in most-reserved restaurant in Atlantis the Palm – Saffron sets a new standard.




I love their array of international cuisine. Some other restaurant are having 5 live cooking station but Saffron is more than generous in providing more than that. Each corner has a touch of dishes representing each origin. It looks like your travelling into different country but actually got all their specialty under one roof.











The dark night already engulfed the Atlantis when we set ourselves for dinner but Saffron has a good balance of lighting (not too maliwanag, not too gloomy) enough to achieve a relaxing mood for every diners. They have an ample space for each cooking station where guest can move comfortably. Even when you walk around each food station you’ll amaze for their daily theme presentation.




We are late in our reservation due to traffic jam but they don’t cancel it and happily accommodate us upon arrival. Since Saffron is a buffet style, the staff are so alert in changing every plates, utensils and even table napkin are folded properly no matter how many times we left to get food. We went there for a birthday celebration and to our surprise some of their staff stand next to our table, sing a loud birthday song and give us a free cake.



A bit pricey (for normal diners) but it’s worth your penny because the criteria above exceeds beyond your expectation. Luckily, we have an Entertainer voucher whereas we only pay for 2 pax but we are actually 4 in the group. Yehey!

From the available good restaurant in Atlantis, Saffron is always on top of my list. Even after our Kaleidoscope treat a few years ago I still vision myself eating in this exclusive Saffron. Maybe because of good review from other diners or simply I’m happy to fulfill my bucket list wherein Saffron is one of them.


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