day244: the excitement you felt because today is the start of ber-months.
day245: the positive quotes stick on the back side of a private car.
day246: saw a flower decorated in a public walking area.
day247: unexpected reimbursement of your transport expense.
day248: a chocolate that taste and looks like patchi.
day249: a nice view while eating lunch.
day250: knowing your landlady has concern to all tenants.
day251: when you found the utensil that is lost for almost a week.
day252: a taxi driver who stop so that you can cross the street
day253: the sounds of tweeting bird in the morning.
day254: saw a cute and chubby baby girl (age2??) walking in the street with her mom.
day255: have more time to sleep even after turning off your alarm.
day256: reading 1 book without interruption.
day257: watching how different schools execute difficult stunts on their cheering competition.
day258: a positive response on your requested action.
day259: a job that require an advance payment yet given to you at free of cost.
day260: when you are in a positive mood to share a word of encouragement.
day261: a mother and baby neighbor you met on your way up last night is the same tandem you met in the lift this morning.
day262: setting a new score in a word game.
day263: when someone promise to make a recipe from scratch and saw how it is perfectly done.
day264: a sweet messages from your dear friends.
day265: a stuff kept for so long is now valuable to use.
day266: a call from someone saying sorry for coming a little bit late.
day267: arrive early in the pick-up point before the driver came.
day268: a wish-list that were granted.
day269: getting new arrival bag for free by redeeming your points.
day270: ride on a public transportation and saw the driver’s complete identification visible for every passengers.
day271: learning how to prepare a Japanese style salad.
day272: paying less value to your remittance because of high exchange rate.
day273: saw some gardeners planting trees on the side of main road.



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