We enjoyed another long weekend holiday last October 3-6 for the celebration of Eid Al Adha-meaning “Feast of the Sacrifice”. While our Muslim brothers and sisters are our for their own list of activities, we expats use this opportunity to do more things without worrying of next-day-office-work-again moment. We can wake up late, stay awake till our energy drop, go farther or simply maximize our time by doing those things we rarely do during our non-stop working days.

Okay, what we did and where we  been these past few days?

We kick off the holiday with hearty breakkie twist-  turon and coffee while enriching my mind with Friday Magazine.

Happy Eating and Happy reading!!!

Happy Eating and Happy reading!!!

This holiday gave us a chance to met our cousin who also live in UAE. Imagine, we’re living on the same country but his schedule always overlap our weekend. He’s such a workaholic man! I think the last time I saw him was 5 years ago. Thank goodness to Eid for freeing his time.

My other cousin introduce us to newly open restaurant in Al Ghurair Mall-Panda Express. There’s a lot of Chinese cuisine to choose from. Don’t be surprise when they open the entrance door and you hear them saying…”welcome to Panda…” in a high note. They are all excited to give their best service to you.

Panda Express, Al Ghurair Mall

Panda Express, Al Ghurair Mall

We’re almost done when the waitress come to our table to handover some freebies. Fortune cookies. I’ve got the 1st word of wisdom.


Quotable Quotes...

Quotable Quotes…


Moving forward, we dedicate our next day to met another set of cousin who lived extra miles from us. They invited us for dinner.



We don’t see each other very often. This holiday is perfectly design to give us time for mini-reunion.

inside dinner


A break from our consecutive foodtrip , this swimming pool in Jumeirah serves as our platform to burn our calories intake. We prefer the night swimming to avoid direct sunlight.






To end our holiday with a bang, we try our own version of Boodle fight. We set a table outside. gather some banana leaves, cook dry food and revive the old Filipino way of eating by using our hands. As in naka-kamay!





Wherever we are, whatever we’re doing, as long as we are together, fun and laughter are always on our side. We’re always looking forward to this kind of holiday. It was an absolute long weekend for all!


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