Oh Singapore, when will I have chance to explore you?

The same question I asked myself everytime I read a blog post about Singapore or saw a picture of someone enjoying their moments in the Lion City. I believe I had the capability to do it but I also don’t know why I allow lot of years to past without pursuing my wish. Maybe, I just need to spend my limited vacation time in clearing those important priorities and so my plan to visit became a shadow of my bucket list.

As they said, all things has a perfect timing. I’ve got an approval for my leave, my cousin is willing to join me on this trip and another cousin who are now based in Singapore is game for our much awaited travel. We really wanted to maximize our vacation so we booked a return ticket from/to Dubai-Manila via Singapore Airlines. By doing so, I save some penny because I will use the same ticket in exploring different country within an allotted layover time. Imagine the happiness I felt in my heart when I revert to my original plan of going to my home country and do a side trip to Singapore without ripping much of my budget. Yahoo!

It was my longtime dream to see the beauty of Singapore. Waiting is over! Though it took years before I finally make it through I’m still grounded by the fact that it actually transpire beyond my imagination and this experience help me to realize how less is more in Singapore.

Till my next Singapore post…..


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