day274: when your body clock help you to wake up just in time.
day275: went home 15 minutes earlier that your usual office hours.
day276: a senior citizen who looks younger than her age.
day277: saw you niece enjoying her moments in the swimming pool.
day278: dinner set in the backyard.
day279: when someone teach you the right way to go after you got lost in the main road.
day280: the willingness of each department representative to settle the current issue.
day281: saw a car passing in the street with customized advertising design.
day282: when someone takes initiative of pressing the lift button for you.
day283: watching a live band singing the world’s best music.
day284: a gadget that never fails to connect with wifi anytime of the day.
day285: a quick glance to a restaurant with impressive decoration.
day286: when a friend thanking you for your genuine friendship.
day287: when you request for something and luckily they process it immediately.
day288: a good comment you receive with regards to your skin.
day289: an information shared by your cousin and even posted it in a board as a reminder.
day290: found some time to try a new exercise.
day291: watching the finale of a contest before proceeding to your next destination.
day292: when the files saved few years ago are still available for re-print.
day293: an early morning good news about matters you been waiting since last month.
day294: a vintage car roaming in the main highway.
day295: an order of main dish platter and a cup of rice was included for free.
day296: a thought of going out in 1 place then your cousin were thinking the same.
day297: watching your old time favorite singer performing in TV again.
day298: spending your free time sitting in the sand while watching the sea waves.
day299: getting 3 star on a very difficult game level.
day300: when someone is joining you for an early breakfast in the kitchen.
day301: successful testing of new appliance.
day302: the cooperation of someone at the edge of unfavorable situation.
day303: a home-made juice shared by your cousin during dinner.
day304: a lady who offer to share her seat among other passengers.


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