When your weekdays are jam-packed with activities and want to take a short break on weekend then head to Tagaytay for a breath of fresh air. It’s accessible by any private/public transportation and you can have a day trip because its only an hour away from Manila.



I’m actually on leave but it doesn’t mean I am free all day. Well, I maybe excuse to any paper work but still I need to finish some personal agenda which is the main reason why I took a vacation. So squeezing a trip to somewhere is something I look forward to help me gain more relaxation. This time, my friends and I did a sweet escape to Tagaytay.

The breeze of airy ground welcome us as we step down from our hired tricycle. As we walk on the straight road going to People’s Park in the Sky we felt how the winds are getting cooler. It might be the place which is perched in a highland or because we arrived few hours before sunset or simply the climate in Tagaytay are more frozen during ber-months. Anyway, it doesn’t matter at all. We prefer this kind of weather.


Here we are, enjoying our moment in the balcony while overlooking the majestic Taal Lake. We had a different career path. Each one has their own working schedule but when we decide to meet for a short (or even long) trip like this then everybody finds time to bond. So blessed to have adventurous friends!!!


One of the perks of standing in an eminence is your chance to see the ground level in a different view. Taal Lake is really breathtaking on its own. You will definitely like to visit People’s Park because of this astonishing aerial view and other greenery site surrounding the highland.




Our short but sweet hour-trip to People’s Park in Tagaytay keeps me refresh, relax and re-make a memorable time with my dear friends.


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