I remember our lunch in the office when all of us, ladies, are into discussion of the possibility of going out/dining somewhere in our home country. We knew that time it’s totally illogical because we are all working on the same company and management rules is always one-at-a-time. The same wish goes on and on till it became an ordinary musings for all.

How time flies! Two of my colleagues decided to stay for good in the Philippines. When they got the news that I’m on vacay we exchange a private message about catching up with each other. Like what we planned long time ago, we reserve one day for this special mini-reunion. One fine weekend the 3 of us meet again at Nuvali in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.



Nuvali is a perfect day trip if you’re coming from the South or living in NCR. Looking back, most of our get-together in Dubai were held either in one of our house, shopping mall or hotel so exploring the laidback scene in Nuvali is a way different from what we used to do. Here are some snapshots of what we enjoy:

Nuvali is an open area so its easy to see what’s happening around. We don’t know why people are flocking in one particular place. Ah..there’s a man-made pond and we saw lots of Koi. It’s nice to watch how these Koi remain on the side waiting for someone to feed them. I had seen Koi before and I thought they were forever small and thin but here in Nuvali they are growing so fast. Well, fishfeeding is one activity for a pay.


Too many KOI

Too many KOI


Opps…I don’t have picture pala but it is a must-try while you are in Nuvali. A boating experience that will sail you all throughout the lake to give you an appreciative view of citified design on 1 side while cuddling the provincial look on the other.

From their famous tagline “Evoliving“, Nuvali promotes a community focus on eco-friendly environment and healthier lifestyle for their residents and would like to pass the same benefits to every individual who pays a visit. There are some designated lanes for biking and those who want an adventurous experience can go for off-road biking whereas more panoramic view of Mount Makiling, Tagaytay Ridge and Laguna de Bay are all store for you.

wanna try????

wanna try????


We’re fed up wit usual scenario in any shopping mall but in Nuvali you’ll find a change of atmosphere. Imagine yourself shopping in an al fresco village while carrying some purchases from any of the famous brand like Nine West, Aldo, Bench etc. Ang saya di ba!

Every gala is not complete without enjoying the comfort of food. After doing some pleasure activities then it’s time for gastronomic feast. There’s a quite number of restaurant in Solenad 1 & 2 so it’s up to you where to dine in. For us, we choose Brothers Burger because we want a light dinner only.




At last, our laughable illusion of getting together somewhere in our homeland surpass the ‘idea‘ category. Yes, it happens the way we want it. Indeed, we are all happy at Nuvali.


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