day305: a mall-goers who participate on the spot for the dance event created by the store-owner.
day306: a figure credited in your account which is much higher that what you expected.
day307: your looking for someone who can deliver your report to the concern person when that same colleague suddenly appear in front of you.
day308: a helpful staff who shares valuable information about your queries.
day309: a special ‘pasalubong’ all the way from your homeland was share by your officemate.
day310: unexpected sale of 1 commodity when you were in the supermarket.
day311: when you think of past episode then it was coincidentally got replay today.
day312: when you finished your household chores as per planned.
day313: a bar of chocolate given by your staff as his simple way of celebrating the birth of his new baby.
day314: found a right waiting area in a new meeting place.
day315: when you manage to arrive on time based on the given timeframe.
day316: when you order something and they deliver it directly to your place without much needed documents.
day317: a satisfied snack time when you ate what you crave for.
day318: found out that most of the items in the grocery are on sale.
day319: hear a happy voice of someone when she receive the good news.
day320: when they return your files with complete signature of all concerned person.
day321: a phone conversation with someone you never see for a long time.
day322: receive a chocolate double of its size.
day323: unexpected message you read when you open your email.
day324: eagerness of your niece to learn new dance step.
day325: a quantified breakfast food found in the table.
day326: turning off the AirCon while allowing the fresh air to come in.
day327: when your friend make an effort to make a video for you.
day328: a courtesy done by someone to call you overseas.
day329: the waiting time which is supposedly half an hour became 10 minutes only.
day330: a help offer by your cousin when accidentally you were locked outside the house.
day331: entering a different metro station for the first time.
day332: found the right size of rubber shoes for you in a shopping mall.
day333: being a good sport shown by your niece when she didn’t win in a contest.
day334: stare in your office window and glad to see a cumulus clouds in the sky.




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