While other expats are still in bed fully cover with blanket and enjoying the recent changes of weather, we found ourselves heading to Al Mamzar Beach Park one early morning. Our family friend invited us for a brunch picnic + swimming in Mamzar and who can say no to a weekend adventure like this. So before the temperature drop to its lowest degree we bravely conquer the cold air and armed with swimming gear (for our niece) and ready-to-eat food we met them at the backside parking area. FYI: Aed30 entrance ticket per car and Aed5 per pax.




We been here many years ago with my immediate Dxb family but this will be our 1st time not to get a cottage. Instead, we used the beach mat and the grass is our temporary home space for that day.




Sitting in the grass gave us a super close view to all trees surrounding the Park. It’s a green feast and funniest day for kids on both our family. They keep running around and their ready-to build bahay-bahayan is such a winner for these two babies. Amidst kids busyness, the adults are having so much fun in chit-chatting and munching the potluck food we had.


One of the best feature of Al Mamzar is being 2 in 1 destination. Aside from huge Park, you can also enjoy the vast area of coastline which will give you free access to a white beach. Don’t worry about your things because there are lot of cottages near the swimming area and even you just put your bag/slippers down on powdery sand like what we did is simply out of question. There’s also a clean toilet where you can change your clothes. A combination of cold water and warm sunlight gave every swimmer a way to love more dipping in the water. Even our group spend more time in the beach.



mamzar beach


shadow selfie


When the sun was up, we return to the Park to spend the rest of our lazy afternoon. Thanks to all trees that provide a good shed while we’re lying in the grass. Some of the leftover food was also a treat for our tiring body.


I think we’re not yet going home so I decided to walk a step away from where we seated. There I found another must-visit area in Al Mamzar — a 3 level wooden house where you will be elevated to see the awesome view of places surrounding the park.

wooden house



I’m sure with all leafy trees around some birds are considering it as their home. I’m so lucky to find 2 lovely birds humming in the branch when I was walking back to our picnic area.


We are so thankful for the invitation. It’s so cold yet we’re actually enjoying this kind of season as well as having chance to bond with our family friends. Good thing to know that Al Mamzar Beach Park is indeed a family-oriented destination and located not too faraway from the usual city area.


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