day335: getting a correct answer after several attempt in a newly downloaded games.
day336: the luxury of waking up late in weekday because it is declared as public holiday.
day337: no line is too long in using an ATM machine when a group of performers pass by to keep you entertain.
day338: the sounds of laughing babies you heard over the radio.
day339: the giggling scene of your cousins when the camera was set for 5 seconds only.
day340: a decision to hang out on the same distant place within that same day.
day341: a speech that uplifts the mood of the viewers.
day342: a benefits that you never had before are brought into discussion today.
day343: when you finish all household chores yet you still have time to watch youtube.
day344: waking up with a warm temperature in your room.
day345: when you found the way how to sign out in a new (look) website.
day346: the golden sounds of opm music playing in your house early in the morning.
day347: experience the winterland Christmas theme in the mall.
day348: when you got an idea of what gift you need to give to someone.
day349: a questionable computation you had raised to concern person that eventually give you much discount afterwards.
day350: a colorful notebook given by someone.
day351: when a person respond to your favor without the need to remind them.
day352: a charitable work done by a small group of low-earner employees to help their co-worker in facing his financial obligation.
day353: a bravery shown by your friend amidst the unfortunate event happen on their lives.
day354: see an extra wrapping paper kept in your old files.
day355: able to buy gifts for few people in one shop only.
day356: when you can move freely in the kitchen because your other housemate are not yet arrive.
day357: the amazing Christmas toppers found in a cheesecake.
day358: being declared as 1st winner in bingo games.
day359: arriving just in time for a morning mass.
day360: witness how those people close to your cousin forgive and make peace to each other.
day361: a smile painted on your co-workers face when they receive their raffle price.
day362: a exchange of messages from your friend about some recent event.
day363: watching a documentary whereas the topic being discussed is something you can relate to.
day364: found out that the comfort room’s floor is dry (happen so rare).
day365: completing my 1st 365day happy thought challenge.


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