Oh January, a month where most of my time were occupied by reporting works. Though I’m a bit busy after the holidays, I tried my best to join my Dxb family on weekend bonding. It’s my simple way to rest, relax and recharge. Good to know some of my cousins are free to host our simple yet adventurous Friday getaway in Jumeirah last Jan. 16.


There’s a private swimming pool in our favorite hangout place so we better use it to the fullest. Believe it or not, its 18deg in Dubai, apparently fall on winter/cold level in most of desert countries, but we find no excuses to have outdoor fun. No need to wait for summer months to enjoy this 3 to 8ft pool. We bring in advance the summer momentum in spite of winter season.

swimming pool

After our sumptuous lunch, we change our ‘pang-april’ outfit to start our swimming galore. We were advised that the pool is equipped with heater so the water remains warm despite of temperature drop down. Iyon namn pala. Mas masaya toh….


The most fun-tastic happenings on the 1st month of the year…..

Its summer in Winter!

Its summer in Winter!


I’m not sure how many of you bravely embrace the beach/swimming pool during colder months but believe me, its not the water nor the air that makes you cold but the fun experience you will miss if you didn’t try. So keep on bringing summer in winter!


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