day1: an afternoon bonding with a group of people throwing a humorous conversation that makes everybody laugh out loud.
day2: knowing there’s a new opportunity opens up especially for you.
day3: when you have enough time to iron some of your clothes before you go to sleep.
day4: saw your gifts was used and perfectly fit to the recipient.
day5: back to your old car service with pinoy music playing as a background.
day6: good thing you had a backup when you accidentally delete your files.
day7: a new hardbound copy of reference given to you for future use.
day8: an invitation to join a birthday dinner of your housemate.
day9: a book you wish to have at the start of the year were coincidentally given to you as a token of remembrance.
day10: appreciating the delicious food serve in a buffet.
day11: knowing someone makes an effort to know you.
day12: good to know that even you’re not wearing a jacket you can manage to stand outside because of not-so-cold weather.
day13: a rare chance to visit one store and found out there are ongoing 50% sale.
day14: a laughable private conversation between you and your friends.
day15: its amazing how your cousin could do multiple household task in a short period of time.
day16: when you reach the deep pool by using ‘salbabida‘.
day17: the confidence of your niece to pose by herself without the instruction of photographer.
day18: found an alternative way to reach the grocery at the most earliest time.
day19: too much cotton-like clouds spread in the sky.
day20: someone help you to unlocked your game level.
day21: a ‘pasalubong‘ burger straight from your homeland is shared by your colleague.
day22: monthly coupon attached on a calendar from reputable restaurant were left in your reception area as a give away.
day23: you and your cousin’s first attempt to cook a meal were appreciated by set of friends.
day24: when you answer a call immediately because your holding your phone during that time.
day25: longer hours of chatting with your best friend.
day26: consolidating a complicated report and submitting it on time.
day27: when you eat home-cooked food for dinner instead of planned canned goods.
day28: discovering new formula that will help lessen your work.
day29: when you forgot the time because you were having fun.
day30: when a family friend is giving away their furniture and they consider your family as the first recipient.
day31: found a new built chair near the waiting gate.


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