The 1st ever Team Building for our company staff were organized and kicked off at Bab Al Shams Desert and Resort Spa. Most of our company bonding were spent after office hours so going out on weekdays especially if it will affect our working routine is such a rare chance but this time the management consider it as free day for all. So here we are enjoying a day not in the office but in the playground. You heard it right, we’ll be off limits to any paper works but definitely aim to experience a team building event dedicated to all hardworking staff.

Look..this is our playing area. The hotel provide us 1 facilitator and 2 coordinator to assist in all entire games.

Let the game begin!!!!!

Let the game begin!!!!!


Listen everybody.....

Listen everybody…..

1st on the list: Pair of Slipper
Mechanics: 4 players should fit their feet on wooden slipper. A time pressure game where both group should race from 1 point to another (twice) by walking as fast as they can with the help of slipper.

Boys Vs Girls..Well, Boys win!

Boys Vs Girls..Well, Boys win!

Lesson: There should be proper coordination between those 4 players. No one can lift their feet alone or else it won’t work. Someone will lead the group to instruct which foot to step forward. When we reach the obstacle point, either you make a super big step out of your slipper or one side a bit slow while other pair is taking a big way to navigate till you make it.

2nd game: Keep the ball on my back.
Mechanics: each group should have 6 players. The 1st two will carry the ball on their back, move back and forth then pass it to other member. Keep in mind that plastic ball should not slip out of your back or else you’ll have to start again.


Lesson: though the game are set with less time frame, the technique relies on the capacity of 2 players to sandwiched the ball as tight as possible. Both your movement depends on your game beater: the big plastic ball. The ball will remain on place if the 2 players choose to move on the same direction where the ball is leaning secured on your back.

See their winning smile.

Boys win again!

Boys win again!

3rd game to play: Ring of Fire
Mechanics: Each time requires only 1 representative from both group. S/he will be blindfold while collecting each ring scattered on the ground. be careful not to touch the hurdles or else it is added seconds to your group time. Other member will guide the blindfolded player to the right direction where the ring is located. For a twist, the opponent can distract the current group in whatever ways they can.


Touch me not...

Touch me not…

We're good in distracting the girls win!

We’re good in distracting the boys… girls win!

Lesson: the blindfolded player should know how to listen attentively to the instruction of your leader. You have to trust only your group mates. Better to use a language (other group can’t understand) so that you can give your full concentration on your game.

4th on a row: Tug-of-war
Mechanics: Do I need to explain? No. Its part of every childhood games. A practice game is for boys vs. girls again but we (girls) know our strength is not enough so they decided to divided the whole staff into two group with mixed of girls and boys on each team.



Lesson: Each member of the group should give their 100% strength in pulling the rope. As you heard the whistle, everybody must contribute their best force to pull your opposite team. Remember, each force given will help to create a big wave to win over your challenger.

Last but not the least: Save the balloon, please!
Mechanics:6 players per team. 1 will pitch the balloon (filled with water), the 2 will catch it by using big towel and pass it to other group mate then pass it to last member who’s duty is to catch it using bare hands. The more ball your group can catch (not counted if the ball touches the ground or the balloon burst) based on the allotted time period will definitely win the game.

Lesson: a good skill of throwing and catching is required on this particular game. each member should know how to coordinate with one another. They should fix their eyes on the balloon as well as the use of towel. You may think it’s easy peasy but those players holding the towel are facing lot of difficulties. It took sometime before we finally learn the right technique. Hold the towel wide open to make sure you can catch the balloon properly. When the balloon landed on the towel bend it softly to secure its spot. To pass it, gently loosen the towel to have enough space to release the balloon. Lift the other side of the towel toward the direction of your team member while throwing the balloon on air. Its important to have cooperation with your partner while thinking how your strategic movement will benefit your team mates.



There we have it.
Those 5 games that give us some opportunity to be sporty for a day. To think strategically. To train ourselves how to be a good follower and somehow be a leader (if required). To learn the value of listening and coordination between each member. To relax and have fun while completing the task. To be competitive without hurting others. To smile even you lost your game. To share the victorious moment. To top it all, the success of 1 team will depends on how each member will play their part. If we will connect it to the real world (office work), then each staff play a significant role to achieve a common goal set by whole organization. No work is small or big for each employee because at the end of the day, each contributed  effort will be added to get a bigger picture of successful result.



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