day32: a delivery that was due for the next day was unexpected done today.
day33: when your online application was finally approved after several months of trying.
day34: a full cooperation given by your colleague to clarify some matter.
day35: a restaurant staff who was passionate in serving their assigned customers.
day36: getting the right place to wash your big comforter.
day37: a rare chance to visit a supermarket and found something worth to buy to add on your package list.
day38: a group of people who share their creative ideas for the final touch of 1 project.
day39: found way out to the main road after unexpected detour.
day40: knowing you’ve got a friend who wants to share some happiness with you.
day41: when you can save much time by buying a ready-to-cook bunch of vegies.
day42: knowing one of your friend has a special reason to celebrate valentines this year.
day43: managing your morning routine within less minute even though you wake up late from your usual alarm time.
day44: ongoing promo that provides you a free access to internet.
day45: got an opportunity to transfer your things without enduring the heavy weight.
day46: found out that all your recent purchases was billed only after 2 months.
day47: when your plan to buy load of grocery was done in advance because your colleague will also go on the same place.
day48: saw a photographer who doesn’t care if he kneel down in front of many passerby’s just to capture a good shot.
day49: the chores that supposed to be done for 2 consecutive days were finish in 1 day.
day50: reading an articles that supports your own point of view over one topic.
day51: appreciating a mix sauce made for ordinary fried fish.
day52: collecting almost 1 bag of pre-loved clothes for charity purpose.
day53: a voluntary assistance given by your housemate to packed your goods.
day54: arrive just in time before the collector comes to pick up your parcel.
day55: when you manage to remain calm despite of other people’s unintentional mistakes.
day56: an excitement from your cousin’s voice when she let you know her great news.
day57: hearing a different genre of music on your way to office.
day58: extracting creative ideas during your me-time.
day59: when you force to wake up due to good aroma of breakfast food.



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