With almost 2 hours of fun activities for our team building event, we surely had drop all our energy and require something to recharge again. This is where Al Forsan come into picture as part of our partner for lunch buffet. It is an international restaurant also located inside Bab Al Shams Hotel.

We are so welcome here!

We are so welcome here!

We had an advance booking with Al Forsan so after our scheduled games we immediately proceed to dine in. It is so nice to see how the interior of this restaurant align with the hotel’s motif – a classical look of old Dubai. From the furniture to the window up to the lamp (chandelier) they used is a picturesque of simple way of living many decades ago. Since our team are more than 10, they reserve a long table for us.

Where we are seated.

Where we are seated.


The other side of Al Forsan.

The other side of Al Forsan.

For those who want an airy surrounding.

For those who want an airy surrounding.


Our hungry tummies were so eager in inviting us to check the varieties of food display in a separate corner. Instead of initial checking we eventually hurried to get some plate and start our lunch.

Basket of bread..

Basket of bread..



Main course…


Wanna drink….


Dessert anyone…



I always like the idea of eating together and sitting in 1 big table because it gave us rare chances to discuss some matter not related to our work. Like what Al Forsan share on their kitchen, there are different kind of food available, different choices of drinks, array of sweet dessert and freewill to eat whatever we want but 1 thing in common is we are doing it all on the same place. We, as a team, are also raised individually on different places, we are designated on a different position, we evenly had distinct characters but what attached us together is we are all working on the same company with one common goal.


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