Watching a Fashion show in the Mall is not my ideal way of spending my time in any shopping establishment. Oh yeah, I can have a quick look on it but most of the time, I better skip the entire event and prefer to focus on the main reason why I was there on the first place–either to buy some grocery or search for specific needs. Unless it was meant for a good cause like how Mirdif City Centre host their annual Kid’s Trashion Show that emphasize the use of trash material and transforming it into fashionable art. It was only then I can sit back and enjoy the whole show.



With the modernity in our living space, we find it convenient to buy and used those consumer goods available in the market and then throws the empty container afterwards. For non-biodegradable it will surely add to the tonnage of garbage dump site which takes year(s) before it disappear on earth. Well, a lots of advocacies were advertised on social media but unbeknownst to many, we’re still not participating in the re-create, re-use and recycle campaign. Good to know that Mirdif City Centre is so consistent in promoting such awareness thru their Trashion Show. Who would ever think that the trash we saw in every corner could be re-used again for different purpose. Then, have a look on the following kids who effortlessly walk in the runway wearing their outfit made of trash-y items. Ps: credit to Mirdif City Centre facebook for the used of some photos.

Our niece who bubbly walk on the runway. A small mini-gown made of water bottle caps.



A customized apparel made of black garbage bag, red disposable plates and green plastics that resembles UAE flag.


Artistic design made of aluminum/foil.



Tube gown made of plastic spoon….


How about skirt made from daily newspaper…


When blue plastic bag turn into suit….



Ballet dress made of paper…



Bubble wrap dress for these 2 kids…



A disposable tray, plastic bags and empty bottle fasten to have an angel costume…



Ready for summer…a skirt made of shower curtain..



A superhero costume made of bottle caps..



A colourful dress made of straw..



Different trash material used to create a wonderful fashion gown..



Another way of using newspaper…



Cuteness overload using plastic shopping bag and sponge..



Instead of throwing plastic cups, why not glued it together to make a fashion statement.


Plastics and disposable white spoon makes her the young Queen.



How many expendable spoon used to finish this design. Kids love pink. Me, too.



Who said sponge remain in the four corner of bathroom? Well, this young lady prove it can be worn even in the runway.


A traditional dress might cost a lot. Why not make your own using any material you found at home.



A colourful creation that wowed every audience.


This is the kind of fashion show that will surely caught my attention. It does not only highlight the beautiful design of every dress but my admiration goes to those designers who help to make this event a huge success. I don’t know how many hours/day/weeks they worked to create something wonderful out of ordinary junk. Imagine, all those things used above are supposedly ‘patapon‘ yet it became valuable again when touched by designer’s magical hand and creative mind.

I was hoping that Mirdif City Centre will continue hosting this kind of event  and that more people will continue to support their fashion for a cause. Let’s keep saving our mother Earth!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. carrol dayondayon
    Dec 21, 2015 @ 12:18:54

    Gud pm po mam, ang gaganda po ng mga recycle gown nyo, pwde po magtnung ang nagpaparent kau at magkanu ang rent para sa bata?


    • loidabestdiscovery
      Dec 23, 2015 @ 17:04:19

      Hello Ate! Sorry po pero yung mga photos ay kuha nung last trashion show sa mirdif kung saan kasali ung pamangkin ko. Isa lang po sa recycle gown (1st photo) yung gawa nmen and hindi rin po kame nagpapa-rent. For fun lang po ung pag create namen. Ung ibang bata, ung mga parents nila din ang gumawa ng kani-kanilang design.


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