MARCH 2015

day60: a gas stove became your partner in cooking when the rice cooker is under repair.
day61: found a material to be used for your next craft project.
day62: arriving on usual time despite of pre-announcement of heavy traffic.
day63: when your colleague decided to have advance celebration so all staff are presently available.
day64: using the bathroom more at ease because they fixed a new door.
day65: got enough hour of sleep even you came home almost 2am.
day66: when half of the project was almost done.
day67: cleaning the refrigerator without any disturbance from anybody.
day68: there’s still some scoop of laundry soap left after you had use most of the quantity.
day69: learning new strategies for future use.
day70: a delayed purchase of 1 item that resulted on price depreciation.
day71: discover another way of using 1 equipment to its maximum potential.
day72: knowing your brother already reach home when you call for the 2nd time.
day73: when someone totally stranger to you appreciate your idea.
day74: all product you need to prepare for homemade remedies is available in your kitchen.
day75: when the smell of the paint in your house are starting to subside.
day76: an actual amount offered to you which is close to your target.
day77: a short note stapled in one document many months ago serves as basic guide today.
day78: a courtesy done by your couple friends to pick you up instead of travelling thru public transportation.
day79: saw lots of design improvement in trashion show.
day80: another favorable innovation was done in your house.
day81: no waiting time in the fish section area because there are less number of buyer when you arrive.
day82: enjoying the high exchange rate that allows you to pay less in your remittance.
day83: when someone smile in your most corniest joke.
day84: watching your favorite series continuously without much pop out on the screen.
day85: visiting a newly open supermarket and got amazed how big the space is.
day86: used your free time to watch the much-talk film for this month.
day87: when you tend to forgot some things yet you receive an sms reminder about it.
day88: laughing out loud for a comedy act of an actress.
day89: knowing your cousin make way to communicate with you though he’s living far from you.


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