Think of any Middle East country and for sure having a vast desert is one description that automatically included in your check off list. Like what we saw in the news, most of them upgraded their standard of living with lots of ongoing infrastructure and building project as evidence. Thus, a land that were once dominated with sand is now a nest of towering residential or commercial establishment. Dubai is 1 great example of modern emirates. Very busy day and night not only with locals but also the outnumber of tourists who wish to see the improvement on this city.

I’m not sure how many hotels are exactly built here in Dubai but when you walk from different street you will definitely found one. Well, its common sight closed to city center because here where most of touristy place are located. If you want to spend your day away from the bustling life in the city then better to pay a visit to Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa. . It is one of a kind hotel nestled in the middle of the desert. Bab Al Shams in Arabic means “gateway to the sun’ which is really manifested once you saw the whole vicinity.

Going to Bab Al Shams took less than 1 hour. Thanks to GPS, we never get lost in the road. We arrive in the hotel earlier than we expected. Unlike other hotel where you can easily see from afar the totality of its exterior design Bab Al Shams has its own entrance gate making you curious to find out what’s inside. The hotel was built in low-rise style making it unique from what we usually saw in the city.

Come inside.....

Come inside…..

Our first step in the hotel gave us an impressive traditional Dubai look. We sat here while my colleague was there in reception for the booking confirmation.


We step inside to followed our colleague. More heritage design awaits us.







We want to maximize our stay so we grab the chance to stroll the backside of Bab Al Shams. It was an awesome view showcasing the richness of Dubai architectural structures.



Is it for bonfire activities…not sure..hehe!




Large teapot for everyone.


For foodie enthusiast, Bab Al Shams has a lot of choices. One of them is Al Shurouq Lounge- a rooftop restaurant overlooking the Arabian sand dunes.


An outdoor activities for everybody. Yes, you can play a board game here.



Spacious archery area.


Of course, kids will love it.


As summer started to kick off, a relaxing pool is your way to beat it.

Own version of shower??

Own version of shower??


infinity pool

infinity pool

There’s so many reason to stay in Bab Al Shams. I like how they maintain the simple setting yet luxury in experience, a peaceful surrounding that offers comfortable stay and a unique location where you are transported in the heart of the desert to fully embrace the good ambience between YOU, HOTEL, SUN and SANDS.


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