I always looking forward to Sunday because this is the only day in a week where most of my love ones take rest from work and spent time with the family. I had only 2 weekend in the Philippines as part of my short vacay but I can say that both were became extra special when they say ‘yes’ to visit the newly established shrine in Batangas.

Some of you are aware how many people are devotees of stigmata saint-Padre Pio. Even his relics and church dedicated for him are scattered around the world. Here in the Philippines, I read a lot of devotion given to Padre Pio and another spacious place was reserved to built his home in San Pedro, Sto. Tomas, Batangas. This is where we spent our Sunday family weekend.



There’s continuous mass during our visit. The 8:30am mass was about to begin when we arrive. So grateful to find a seat in between many churchgoers who also desires to hear God’s word. The church was fully occupied in an instant. The number of believers are more than the monoblock chairs available so others had no choice but to stand on the side.


When the priest utter a warm welcome to all, I learn that these people are not simply from Batangas but they came from different town. Same like us, the shrine became our common  meeting point for the close encounter with God thru the help of Padre Pio.

As fondly said by our attending priest,” we knew that most of the churches in the Philippines are closed at night but the main chapel of Padre Pio here in Batangas is open 24hrs”. Well, this is so true because it was design without door. I mean all possible way leading to the altar is considered as entrance. The chapel can be enlisted for its uniqueness.


Along with the gospel, devotees are looking forward for the blessing of Holy Water at the end of the mass. I can’t explain but there  is some force that invite us to come forward. We followed the crowd. Since  most of them were seated in the front, they are also the same people who got a good spot. We are standing on the far right side but believe me, the Holy water reach us (even those on our backside) generously. What a blessings!



My brother who visit this place few times became our instant tour guide. Aside from attending mass, there are other spiritual activities you can do in the shrine:

1. Chapel of the Most Blessed Sacrament





If you want a most quiet place to sincerely talk to our Heavenly Father then this area is best for your personal prayer request and intention.

2. Statue of Padre Pio


A life-size  statue found at the back side of the chapel where you can also enjoy the airy green farm.

3. Sanctuary of the Relic of the True Cross of Christ



4. Station of the Cross


If you plan for a visita iglesia during the holy week, better to include this shrine in your list because they actually provide a space to know more of Jesus sacrifice.

5. Chapel of the Living Water


So we are already blessed with the Holy water awhile ago but you know you can still get more  living water for free on this chapel. We witness lot of people patiently wait their turn to get water. Some even bring a big gallon for we believe this fountain of water is known for its healing power.

6. Store



If you want a keepsake of Padre Pio’s collection then pay a visit to this area. This is where we bought our candles as our simple way of asking spiritual guidance in every aspect of our life.

7. Mary Mother of Mercy Belfry


Each floor will help you to deeply understand the life of Padre Pio. Some facts and photos are hang on the wall as you step upward. As a bonus on the top floor, you will see the whole area of Shrine backdropping the beautiful town of Sto. Tomas.





We bid adieu to the Shrine past 12pm already but you know there is still a lots of people coming by to visit this sacred place. Maybe the number of visitors double today because its weekend but according to many, dinadayo talaga ang church na ito kahit anong araw. Though I had a short vacation, my time was well-spent on creating a happy  family memories like what we did on this ordinary Sunday. It even became more special when the bonding moment happens on the heavenly place like Saint Padre Pio Shrine.



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  1. dapithapon
    May 21, 2015 @ 10:06:29

    Oh my! Sana makarating din ako d’yan, Ms. Loida! ^_^


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