Sun was up so early.
Whoah, I experience summer in the Philippines… again!

This is the season whereas everybody wants to cool down. So, it’s common agenda to see some of my family/relatives/friends posting their photos while having fun in the beach or pool parties. Part of my short vacay was going out with my dear friends in a secluded beach but during our catch up meeting we decided to cancel because 1. safety is our priority for our mommy friend who has 2 kids 2. our rebonded hair is not good pala in exposing to beach water. Okay…proceed with our plan B.

Since beach is out of plan (for now) we all agreed to go on a nature trip slash swimming in a river slash falls shower in Bato Spring. It was hidden gem found in San Pablo, Laguna. This is really a perfect adventure for us as we also want to enjoy outdoor activities without getting much sunburn.

A warm welcome to us....

A warm welcome to us….

Upon taking left from Maharlika Highway going to Brgy. San Cristobal where Bato Spring is located, we initially felt the assuage presence of nature by passing onto these lanky trees. We’re in the middle of the forest. We even stop for a while to pay for Php20 per car as part of barangay ordinance.


Entrance fee of Php70 per pax is a good catch specially now that we’re on a peak summer season. We parked nearby and immediately search for available cottage.

We’re eyeing “Banahaw” cottage but felt sorry as it is fully reserved.


This one is good for small group.


Finally, we found a cottage (Php1300) fit for us. A bed, an electric fan, attached bathroom, a terrace to hang out and own key just in case we all want to go out.


After our light breakfast, we headed to our main agenda: swimming. Bato Spring is known for having cold water since it was situated on the foothills  of Mt. Banahaw.  The water is assured clean because it runs continuously.

a place good for big event.....

a place good for big event…..

1…2…3…”lezzzzz go!”, as said by my super excited friend. We step down on the man-made cement ladder and the moment our feet touch the water we can’t help but scream out loud. Whoahh..lahat sila nakatingin sa amin. Sorry peeps, the water is freaking cold but its okay we love it.


No need to swim though there is an area where you can swim in 6ft deep. We are happy sitting in a rock while enjoying the natural massage from the Falls. The strong current of water showering our back is what we enjoy the most.


Past 11.30am when we return to our cottage for our hearty lunch. You can cook your own food because some cottages have a grill facility. There are mini- store outside where you can buy fresh tilapia or for time saving, ready-to-eat food.


We thought that the coldness will subside in the afternoon. Oh well, ang lamig pa rin ng tubig. We almost forgot that the sun was on its highest because the whole area where we stay is semi-covered with lush trees. For the 2nd time, we let the water flowing form the Falls to massage our back.

We're happy and we know it!!!!!

We’re happy and we know it!!!!!

Our day swimming in Bato Spring is actually our group first get-together in a modernized ilog.

It tighten our friendship bonding in Bato Spring.

Cheers in a river!




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