day121: when a plan you thought a long time ago was finally pursue.
day122: an energy matches your busy-ness for the whole day.
day123: meet someone you can talk to while waiting in one place.
day124-day129: couldn’t retrieve..sorry.
day130: an initiative of a person to re-heat your lunch food.
day131: a short motivational speech heard over the radio in the morning.
day132: a delicious home-cooked meal share by your colleague.
day133: when someone prioritize the safety of other people despite paying a high price.
day134: happy reaction of your cousin when she unexpected won in a raffle.
day135: a bus arrive just in time after you get down from your building.
day136: went to Department Store and saw most of the items are affordable.
day137: when your housemate appreciate the good aroma of fabric softener you use in the laundry.
day138: able to achieve the taste that expect on the meal that you prepare.
day139: the thoughtfulness of your cousin to brought you some food from newly open restaurant.
day140: when you have enough time for dinner before your scheduled meet up.
day141: a wallpaper that looks surreal from afar.
day142: a scene in a tv show which softens your heart.
day143: when they drop you off directly to your house.
day144: a free shopping bag given in the counter of a supermarket.
day145: when you can easily found the specific food you want.
day146: a thoughtful officemate who cook spaghetti and shared it during break time.
day147: watching one family dancing in their special occasions.
day148: lots of item still available on display because today is just a start of a new sale period.
day149: following an online instruction and so happy with the results.
day150: able to witness the old tradition in your barangay thru Skype.
day151: lots of your cousin draw to your house for simple celebration.


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