A wish from my former and current officemates in Dubai company: to have a grandest reunion in the Philippines. Though we had a simple get-together before we can’t call it ‘grandest’ as we are incomplete that time. The management has stated a rules that no 2 employee will go on vacation on the same month so the thought of each other’s presence in the reunion is far from what we imagine.

As year passed, the universe was kind enough to grant our wish. Me and my other colleague happens to have some days spend in the Philippines while my 2 former officemates was happily settled here and just waiting for our meet up anytime. We thought it would be easy to plan since all of us are now in our home country but prior to our meeting we unexpectedly faced minor challenges. We live in different places. Each one of us has own errands to do and the only free time we could possibly had does not match with one another. We even came to a point to accept that our plan to go out all together couldn’t materialized for now. In short, let’s hope we could make it next time. Ouch! 3 days before I left and only 2 days remaining for my colleague, I receive an sms from them asking if we could give way to our long time plan because sayang ang opportunity andito na rin lang kami. Without any hesitation, it’s a big YES for everybody.

We decided to meet up in SM Aura as this is the central area for all who’s coming from North and South. If there’s one similarities running in our veins way back when we’re all in Dubai it is our love for food, trying out new restaurant, buffet dining and love to chat non-stop till lunch time is over. We want to revive that moment again especially here in the Philippines. Good to know Niu by Vikings has all the description we’re looking for. It became our instant venue for hours.


While we were enjoying the array of international cuisine at Niu, we couldn’t help but feel amaze on how our schedule meets at one point. This is another unforgettable event surrounded by people I only met in Dubai, then introduce as co-worker which eventually became friends and now the same level of friendship is extended beyond 2 countries. Though we live our life separate from each other, got to know the latest via social media/private message, still nothing change when we’re together. We definitely had the best bonding days before and looking forward to more reunion with this group in the future. Till we meet again.


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